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I’m home now

I feel depressed over this anxiety bs, but my kitten is making me feel better even though he was mad that I took so long to feed him.

And why won’t this app automatically add ’ and auto spell?? Driving me crazy. I feel like going back and correcting my updates, but then I’d feel ridiculous and just delete the whole post.

Update 10?

The sun is coming up.

I feel like crap.

Update 9

Im getting nervous for no reason at all. It scares me.

Update 8

The pigeon came back.

Update 8

A one legged man just walked out of the er with a female nurse. He wasnt supposed to and now two male nurses, a female doctor a cop and a security guard are going after him.

Still waiting.

Update 7

I was wrong. Shes surprisingly calm.

My head is hurting now and im tired.

Still waiting *sigh*

Update 6

Uh oh my grandma is here. Shes gonna make a scene bc they havent seen me yet…

Someone help me T_T

Update 5

The other updates went through. Had to force stop the app.

My feet are freezing, should have worn socks.

Still waiting.

Update 3

Why are they showing cops on the TV?

Still waiting.

Update again

The pigeon looks lonely.


A pigeon just walked by the window. Still in the waiting room.

Im currently at the ER, alone. Ma had to go to work and grandma cant drive at night.
Its 4:03 am.
Im scared and nervois but they cant give me anything for my anxiety until i go back to see the doctor.
I love you guys, wish me luck.

I feel like I’m dying

My meds ran out and I feel so bad. I feel like im falling apart guys. Im scared…

My chest is ice cold and im having trouble breathing. God, please fuckinh help me

I can’t believe it. My grandma called to make me a doctors appointment after I told her not to. That is whatever.

My doctor used to charge $55 for a visit, not including blood work, x rays, ect.

Now it runs almost $200!

We can not fucking afford to throw away almost four hundred dollars because my so called “insurance” are selfish assholes.

There is no way I’m going to that appointment, sick or not.

Why can I not be normal?

It’s pretty sad. I want to be alone but when I am, my anxiety makes me freak out. I really hate this.