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I’m curious about how big B1A4’s fan base is.

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Every time I watch the Arario video, I’m always left wondering how Sangdo ends up with two fans at the end of the video. I never think to pay attention to it, so this time I back tracked a bit.

At first, I thought he picked up P-Goonie’s fan, but it remained on the floor where he threw it. So I looked to where Sangdo was when they first started their circle at the end. He already had two.

I backtracked a bit more and finally got my answer!

Sangdo, you sly little Fox! Seogoong hands it to him just before they form their circle! :D

Of course, there’s still the mystery of those damned masks *⊙*

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Dream Team 2 Music

Does anyone know where I can find a list of the songs used in Dream Team 2? They use such amazing songs, but I can’t find out the names T_T

Help me and I will love you forever!

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Okay, I watched Dream Team today, where they were at the water park, and I’m torn between a few things.

* Blonde Leo
* Ravi
* Water park looks fun
* Money
* Humor
* Blonde Leo
* My team lost
* Leo had fun
* Ricky
* U-KISS’ cute maknae

Then I turned around and watched Hello Counselor with Wheesung. Again, lemme point out a few things.

* Wheesung
* Humor
* The guy next to Brian with the deep voice
* Wheesung
* Cute kids that you just wanna squish
* Wheesung
* Wheesung

On a different episode of LGDT, Jaemin was completely off his game! First he falls flat on his face trying to show up the B-Boy team, and then he fails the first course!
Park Jaemin. Fail. First course.

Those words should not form a sentence! Jaemin, what in the world was your problem??

It’s safe to say, it was a damn good night. One where my lungs hurt from laughing, but a damn good night.

Peace out, and good blonde Leos and Wheesungs!

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Wait a second… Who is the blonde woman? What is the blonde woman? I’m still so confused!

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I’ve begun Season 4. Is this woman in love with him too? :0

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Does every female companion fall in love with the Doctor??

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My baby cousin got out of jail yesterday and came by to see us. He actually woke me up and hugged me, something he would never do before.

But guess what? He’s still with the son of a bitch that sent him downhill to begin with. You guessed it. My stupid ass brother.

I really can’t stand him. If I never saw him again, it would be too soon.

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Can someone make an audio clip of Kangjun saying “okay. horse. horse. horse” from Crown the Clown? I want that to be my new message notification tone.

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the problem with rich people is that i am not one

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